Our Ultimate Goal

We have GREAT NEWS for all our Dollar Tube members as well as new members looking to join our great revolutionary platform. As part of our initiative to continuously look for a viable means where our members can generate income working from the comfort of their home, we have decided to reveal our ULTIMATE GOAL!

Dollar Tube plans to Re-invest the funds we get for our memberships into something MUCH BIGGER than just getting paid for watching and posting videos in a daily contest.

At Dollar Tube, our Ultimate Goal is to build an audience and a platform that will promote an AD-Supported service where Major Players Worldwide advertise their products and services in a form of commercials. Preliminary actions are ALREADY in progress.

In other words, instead of paying large amounts of money for extremely expensive TV space, these Big Companies will pay Dollar Tube to run their commercials on our platform.

The main reason why these companies would run their Ads on our platform is because they will have the ability to track every view. They can NOT achieve this with the regular TV commercials as there is no possible way to know how many people ACTUALLY saw their commercials. Best of all, Dollar Tube WILL be able to guarantee the views for each of their commercial.

How can a Dollar Tube guarantee the views to Advertising Companies?

The great news is that we are going to SHARE The Revenue generated from these AD services EXCLUSIVELY with Dollar Tube Members. How?

Once we go live with that huge project, we are going to Pay our members for EACH Commercial Watched. This is much easier as it guarantees regular income and you will not have to compete with anyone to earn sizeable income but yourself.

Please note that while we are building this new platform, you can STILL continue to earn by watching and posting videos as well as promoting our original platform as you are already doing.

With our Ultimate Goal in sight, once it goes LIVE, it is a Win-Win situation for everyone as our Members WILL earn money EVERYDAY they watch these commercials. GUARANTEED!

Needless to say, you must hurry and register as soon as possible as we are looking for a specific number of people and once we reach that limit, we are closing our doors for new memberships. This will be a 100% sure way to earn regular income from the comfort of your home.

Start registering TODAY! Visit https://www.dollartube.com/