Terms of Use

Effective as of the August 1, 2018

These Terms of Service shall apply to Users using and/or visiting our Website. These Terms of Service alongside auxiliary documents you express your consent to shall serve as a binding instrument, regulating your behavior while using the DollarTube Website.

By accessing and using DollarTube, you are hereby compliant and expressly agree to follow the obligations and understand that you may exercise certain rights granted under this Agreement. You hereby acknowledge that the Service itself may use reserved rights towards you in cases of a material breach of this Contract

These Terms of Service will guide you through


“DollarTube”, “Service”, “We” or “Us” mean Dollar Tube, Inc., or (if different) an owner Company or another Parent or Daughter Company that is providing the specified service(s) under these Terms of Service and/or other legally-binding agreements you and DollarTube have entered into, as well as any successors and assigns thereto.

References to “Buyer” mean any User concluding a sale with DollarTube. When dealing with the Service, any references within these Terms of Service or our other legally-binding agreements, such as our Return Policy, any contract entered into between You and the Service will be executed by Dollar Tube, Inc. on the Service’s behalf. Dollar Tube, Inc. is an established and registered Limited Liability Company in the U.S. Company Registry.

“You”, “Your” and “User” mean the person, group or other entity utilizing DollarTube, fulfilling the eligibility requirements as set forth in this Agreement, and further with full ability to perform acts in law and legal capacity to be bound by this Agreement’s provisions.


This Agreement shall govern your usage of the DollarTube service at all times. Together with other agreements you have entered into, these agreements are to be considered as one legally-binding Agreement made between you and DollarTube, Inc. DollarTube and its Owner and operator Company are not responsible for any defective performances of Third Parties, such as Stores, and hereby disclaim all liability arising out of inadequate or other beaches of Agreement on behalf of Stores. ThisAgreement is concluded for an unlimited period of time. The Users may terminate this Agreement using the available function of Deleting Account in their respective User Profile settings.


The Agreement may be concluded by natural persons, legal entities and organizational units, to whom the act grants the ability to perform acts in law. The age of majority is specified by the law of a country from the respective User’s state of birth. Registration of a User account is free of charge. Any minors entering into agreement with DollarTube may do so with appropriate and valid consent from their respective legal guardian(s). The Service reserves rights to take operational and other measures while checking the age of its users.


2.1. Restrictions of Certain Behaviors

The User shall use the Service according to the intended purpose of the Service, and further in accordance with applicable law, accepted social and moral standards, as well as the provisions of these Terms of Service, as well as other legal documents the User has provided consent to in regards of using this Service.

The User is further obliged to protect the User’s respective login details, passwords and other information, in order to prevent the access of third parties.

The User shall not take any action in order to interfere with the Service’s functionality, namely by using specific software or equipment. The User shall use this Service in a manner consistent with these Terms of Service, applicable law and general principles of using the Internet. The User shall, therefore, withhold from delivering and transferring throughout the Service the following (without limitation):

2.2. Breaches of Restrictions

For breaches of the aforementioned usage guidelines, the Service may exercise full discretional rights, if the Service finds it appropriate. The Service reserves the right to terminate a User’s access to the Service, if they turn out to be repeated infringers. DollarTube may, in its sole discretion, initiate inquiries of abuse of misbehavior of any user, whether by breaching the terms regarding content upload(s) or general behavior terms explained above. The reserved rights in case of violation of these terms include:

Further note that the Service may deem any further actions as inappropriate, contrary to the rights and obligations stated forth to specific Users under these Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or other Agreements the specific User has entered into, socially-acceptable moral or ethics codes, or other set of norms (where appropriate), and does not exclude exercising discretional rights as reserved by the Service in this section.

2.3. User Submissions. Video Uploads.

DollarTube may have included functionalities, in which Users are allowed to post submissions of any kind. For the purposes of this document, submissions shall be considered any types of text, pictures, video, sound or other multimedia files which the User is allowed to submit via the DollarTube Website. Submissions are to be added by Users submitting these text or multimedia files to the service. Upon sharing the user submission, the User submitting hereby warrants and represents that the submission is free of any legal deficits, without limitation to copyright, rights related to copyright and intellectual property rights. The User shall not use the DollarTube Website as a forum to express bigotry, racism, intolerance, anything obscene, profane, morally and ethically incorrect, libelous or defamatory towards any individual, person or group, whether they are Users of the DollarTube Website or not.

For the purposes of this Agreement, a User Submission is any form of digital communication, comments, materials, files or other types of supported submissions by the Service. Upon uploading a User Submission, the Uploading User represents and warrants its lack of legal deficit(s) or claims from any affected third parties.

Upon sharing your user submission, you retain all proprietary rights you own or hold towards the user submission, but, for purposes of displaying the user submission in publicly available places, grant DollarTube a Universal, Worldwide, non-Exclusive, Royalty-free, Transferrable License to be used, reproduced, performed, modified, displayed and otherwise manipulate with the User Submission. These licenses granted by you in User Comments are perpetual and irrevocable. The licenses are not valid for User submissions which have or had been deleted by the Users.

The Service reserves all discretional rights as per the Terms of Service in cases that the user submission provides to be a material breach to this Policy’ or the Terms of Service’s provisions. The Service may further use the user submission as cause, evidence or supporting material in cases where the Service’s rights are violated, in order to proceed with such cases in dispute-resolving procedures or in a court of law.

By sharing any materials in the Service the User declares that he/she is the author of these materials or holds the rights and approvals required by law for them to be uploaded in the Website or that the materials uploaded by him/her originate from a legal source.

No transfer of right, title or property is to be executed implicitly by sharing and uploading a User Submission on the Service. The User Uploading the User Submission shall retain all right, title and property to the User Submission. The User Uploading, by Uploading the User Submissions licenses the Service in order to display, share and publish the User Submission to the Service. This license is, at any time, revocable by the User Uploading the User Submission. Deletion of the User Submission implies an automatic termination of the aforementioned license

Videos duration less than 15 seconds or more than 8 minutes is not allowed. Total number of videos that are 15 seconds in length, CAN NOT be more than 75% of creator total videos. It is creator responsibility to keep track of his videos and comply with our terms of use. Due to the nature of the platform payout structure, all uploaded videos must have correct title and video creators can not in no way or form lead any watcher to watch his uploaded video especially by labeling the video with a any hint of duration (example : 15 sec, 30 sec, micro video, very short video..etc). Such videos will be removed without any prior warning Any violation will be subject to removal of ALL video in the account without any prior warnings and there ill be no refunds if any was paid for video upload.


3.1. Introduction to Our Services

DollarTube operates as a service for monetizing your video or other multimedia uploads to our Website. You are eligible to use this Service’s functionalities if you fulfill the Eligibility criteria as set forth in these Terms of Service.

3.2. Trials. Orders and Payment

The Buyer shall select the available subscription, as well as the subscription period (if applicable). If nothing else is stated in our offers made to you, a Subscription is to be a month to month. For subscribing to our service, you are to share with us some billing information, as further described in our Privacy Policy. Buyers may proceed to checkout and submit their payment information. We may accept several payment methods as described within our Checkout Page. Any future subscription payments can be cancelled at any time. This subscription is an upfront payment and non-refundable for the services rendered by Dollar Tube to You.

3.3. Returns and Refunds

Due to the nature of the business, ALL Memberships and all money paid for advertising with us is non refundable.

3.4. Discretional rights

The Service, a platform operating with videos and other multimedia files for the purposes of monetization has some upload guidelines, as described in Section 2 of these Terms of Service. If our Service deems any of the submissions as unfit, or contrary to this Terms of Service’s provisions (for example: legal deficits as imposed by copyright or other intellectual property violations, bigotry, racism, obscenity, profanity or otherwise), the service may unilaterally terminate this Agreement with you or suspend your usage of the Service for a certain time period.

The Service reserves the right, but not the responsibility to check for copyright or other legal deficits in uploads of their Users. Users hereby acknowledge and warrant that such infringements shall be deemed as inappropriate when reported by any party, and shall bear all (legal and material) risk arising out of the infringement on their own.The Service shall remove any infringing upload without prior notice either at the Service’s own discretion, or when reported by Authors and/or Third Parties. Any proceeds from the monetization of the infringing upload shall be forfeited.

3.5. Monetization

Users with a valid subscription will be able to monetize their content based on the traffic and views, as described in our monetization rates published on our Website. Please note that these rates are subject to change, and are mostly dependent on the traffic that the uploaded multimedia gathers. Any income shall be the subject to taxes as per your own applicable jurisdiction. The Service does not apply any state, local or federal taxes on personal income on their Users, nor takes any responsibility for its.


4.1. Third Party Websites

The Service allows you to gather data from third-party services and data sources, without exclusion to third party Websites. These Sources are used and utilized at the sole discretion of the Service, and the Service reserves the right to discontinue or change using such sources at any given time. The Service does not assume any liability from the data and/or content from such sources and services. Users have the sole responsibility of obtaining any consensus or authorization, if any is needed, for the usage of this Service or processing of the available data. The Service takes no responsibility for any information processing made on its behalf, as Users warrant that they have obtained all authorizations and/or consensus from the data sources for further usage of the provided data.

4.2. Third Party Services

Third-party services and Websites may be made available throughout the Service. In order for you to use these third-party services, you must read and understand all usage restrictions and other Terms and Policies of the appropriate third-party service and/or Website. This Service disclaims all liability arising out of defective performance of linked services and/or Website, unless expressly assumed within this Agreement. Upon being prompted by a follow-up link to a third-party service and/or Website, you are bound by a different set of Terms and Policies that govern the usage of the appropriate third-party service or Website, and you further understand that you use the third-party service or Website at your own risk. We recommend using due diligence and familiarizing yourself with the Terms and Policies prior to usage of the services you are prompted to. Please note that this Service does not endorse, promote or otherwise market the third-party Websites and/or services, unless expressly and appropriately stated within our Website.

4.3. Advertisements

This Service may contain ads and promotions from third parties. Your business dealings, correspondence or other contact made throughout these ads and promotions falls outside the Service’s scope of control, and, as such, the Service disclaims all liability arising from these dealings, contacts or correspondence.

4.4. Add-ons and Extensions

This service may be used as an add-on to third-party services and software. We do not assume any liability for such third-party services and software, and you are solely and exclusively responsible for obtaining any licenses, consent or authorizations needed for the use of data.


5.1. Jurisdiction

If any provision of this Policy is, or is to be found by an appropriate authority, unenforceable under Applicable law, that will not affect the enforceability of any other provisions of these Agreements.

The Parties agree that the applicable and usable law is the state law of Wyoming of the U.S. The Parties designate the appropriate court authority at the place of the headquarters of the Service’s operator Company as the competent court authority in cases of any disputes arising out of this Agreement. No terms set forth herein are constructed in any way or manner in order to limit or otherwise obstruct consumer protection rights.

5.2. Indemnification

You hereby agree to indemnify and hold DollarTube, it’s operator and/or owner Company, Representatives, Employees and Partners harmless from and against any loss, cost, damage and expense, including but not limited to: attorneys' fees and court costs, arising directly or indirectly from Your use of the DollarTube Website, software or services and/or Your breach of any representation, warranty or restriction contained in this agreement.

5.3. Continuity

DollarTube may suspend or discontinue any portion of the whole Service with or without previous notice. DollarTube may suspend Your access to the Website, provided that a breach under the Website’s Terms of Service has been grounds for termination of Agreement with you

5.4. Continuity of this Document

Every older version of these documents is superseded with the issuing of a renewed version. In case of change of Privacy Policy, we may notify you on our Website and via e-mail. The Service reserves the right to not issue an explanation in the case of modification of these Documents.

5.5. Limitation of Liability

You hereby agree to indemnify and hold DollarTube, it’s owner Company, Representatives and Partners harmless from and against any loss, cost, damage and expense, including but not limited to: attorneys' fees and court costs, arising directly or indirectly from Your use of the DollarTube’s Website, software or services and/or Your breach of any representation, warranty or restriction contained in this agreement. You expressly agree that you shall withhold of class action suits against the Service, and that all (if any) proceedings against the Service occur, such shall be handled on an individual basis, based on rules established and agreed to in these Terms of Service. If any lawsuits are to occur, you agree that your action will not supersede the amount of 100 USD, or the expenses made whilst using this Service, whichever is greater.

5.6. Disclaimer

Nothing in this Agreement affects the contractual liberty of both parties. Nothing in these Terms of Service positions the Service as a Party in a mutually-accepted agreement between a specific Buyer and User Listing. The Service disclaims all liability from actions caused by any Buyer or User Listing on the Service. If, by court order, operation or interpretation of law, the Service has been deemed as liable for any costs or damages by actions of any Users and/or Visitors of the Service, DollarTube reserves full regress claims toward any User. DollarTube’s Website, content and services are all provided on an “as is” and “as offered” basis. DollarTube does not unilaterally provide any express or implied terms, representations, warranties or conditions. DollarTube, its employees, offices, agents or other representatives are further not liable, to the maximum extent permitted by law for any: direct, indirect, special or consequential loss; business or private losses, including: income, savings, or profit loss, loss of contract, loss of goodwill or representations loss, warranty loss, data corruption, personal loss. The aforementioned limitations are voided in the exclusive case that DollarTube has willingly voided its limitation of liability in a specific Set of Terms and/or Contract. Limitations apply in the case that DollarTube had been advised of the potential loss. DollarTube does not take any responsibility for the unreasonable behavior of visitors and/or third parties. Furthermore, DollarTube does not take any responsibility for publishing any content, which is not in any way meant to constitute and/or provide any type of professional advice. DollarTube is further not responsible in any way, to no extent in the unlikely case of severe host and/or server failure or breach, or any other Vis major, which is not in scope of DollarTube’s ability to control. This disclaimer cannot and will not exclude any warranty or liability implied by U.S. Governing law, will not exclude and/or limit any warranty or liability which is illegal or unlawful to limit or exclude in compliance with U.S. Governing law. You hereby understand this liability limitation statement, and are fully compliant with it in its entirety. DollarTube’s failure to act in a particular circumstance does not waive the ability to act in respect to the specific circumstance or circumstances similar to it. If any provision of these Terms is rendered invalid by statutory provisions, interpretation of law or its application, rendered unenforceable, it shall not affect the remainder of these terms. The remaining terms shall stay in full force and effect. Section headings are made for convenience. They do not have to correspond with the content of the appropriate section and do not have any legal effect. In the event that DollarTube goes through a business transition (merger, acquisition, sale of assets etc.), your personal information and content uploaded by you will likely be among the assets transferred accordingly to the title of transfer under which the information and content are being owned or used by the Service. You will be notified via email of any such change of ownership of your personal information.

DollarTube takes no responsibility for any possible failure of servers or other Vis Major outside the reasonable scope of the Service’s control, which may result in temporary unavailability of the Service.

5.7. Ascent

These Terms, along with all supplemental documents you have expressed your consent to, without limitation to conclusive means of acceptance, are to be regarded as a single, legally-binding contract between you and DollarTube.

5.8. Agreement

These Terms of Service regulate your usage of our Service in regards to usage of the rendered services, your rights and obligations while using the Service as well as the limits on our warranties and promises and reserved rights in cases of breaches of this Agreement. If you are interested in our Privacy Practices, please see our Privacy Policy.


This disclaimer applies to any damages, liability or injuries caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction of or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use, whether for breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause of action.